You might remember that last year I had submitted my story of a wildlife experience—When in a (rain)forest—to Terra Incognita for the Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018. Terra Incognita received a multitude of wildlife stories from across the globe.

It so turned out that the organisers and the panel of judges were so overwhelmed by the wildlife stories that they received and the knowledge shared in those stories that they decided to publish a book comprising some of these stories.

The Wildlife Blog Collection 2018 is a 300+ page compilation of 70 stories handpicked from the entries submitted for the Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018. It celebrates some of the most memorable, entrancing, and exciting wildlife moments. Narrated by top nature writers from around the world, these stories explore humanity’s relationship with wildlife and highlight wildlife conservation issues around the globe.

I am glad that my wildlife story appears in this book of select entries.
When in a (rain)forest is the only Indian story to be featured in the book.

The amazing new book, The Wildlife Blog Collection 2018, will be available on Valentine’s Day 2019 and is available for pre-orders now at the special discounted price of £4.99.

You can order your copy here.

A little about Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita is a social enterprise that promotes ecotourism and conservation travel worldwide as a powerful force for good in the world. This kind of travel offers life-changing nature experiences and culture exchange while helping to conserve the environment and incredible places and support local people.

Terra Incognita believes that it doesn’t have to be alone in promoting the message of conservation. Hence, it created a network of writers from across the globe who are passionate about ecotourism, conservation, nature, and sustainable development. And the result is the The Wildlife Blog Collection 2018 book.

Know more about Terra Incognita here.

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