‘Two’ much to choose from!

Only in Punjab does one get two delicious options that are so difficult to choose from. Should I just opt for my all-time-favourite sweet lassi topped with a thick layer of malai (that one gets only when travelling in Punjab) and nuts? Or should I be more adventurous and order the ‘salty’ one? I ended up ordering both.

Lip-smackingly sweet and the malai just added to the experience. Couldn’t really put my finger on the taste of the other; a blend somewhere in between butter milk and lassi with a tinge of jal jeera.

But what I can vouch for is that lassi sure is synonymous to sleep. And as the car drove on from Chandigarh towards the mountains, I took a nap in the back seat, reminiscing over the joys my palate just underwent and wishing for some more in the days to come.

Am off to Spiti!

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