Life in a city..

I stand by the window in the morning as I sip tea, looking out nonchalantly at the patch of green cosily lying in front of me. I sit at my work desk and stare outside to distract my senses from the plastered white walls. As afternoon proceeds, the last rays of the sun are just too bright and pierce through the red curtains as I hear a multitude of sounds outside. 

The neem tree sways in the breeze and a tiny squirrel jumps from its branches onto the palm tree below. As days of the month and months of the year go by, many species of birds stop by – occasionally gratifying my sore eyes. And I know happiness and a mad excitement each time. The crows and pigeons, however, continue their rant stealing nesting material and crumbs of bread from neighbouring houses. 

Life of Winged Creatures

The Mammals

And The Rest

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