Hi, I am Diana.

Sometimes people know themselves and their dreams. They walk the path with conviction and strength. Sometimes there are people who walk miles in the sun and shade to begin to understand themselves. There is strength on this path too, perhaps because it is longer and steeper or there have been too many blind turns and only now the path shows itself.

If I were to draw a graph of my life, there wouldn’t be a single steady patch; there would only be troughs and crests. That is what makes me. That is what my journey has been. If it actually is only one life, then I am glad to have walked through every bit of it to have finally discovered myself, my happiness, and where my soul lies.

When I realised what brings happiness and peace to my life, it was difficult to give it away. It is in the silence of the valley, the crashing of mountain glaciers, the rhythmic dance of ocean waves; in the calm of morning and the chatter of animals by day; in the bustle of activities and the quiet corners of abandoned forts that peace resides. It is an exploration of the outer as much as what lies inside.

I found happiness on the mountains
Finding happiness in the wild

Happiness for me lies in exploring the unknown. The high mountains that touch the sky while firmly holding on to their roots deep below; the rivers and lakes and their myriad shades of blue; the forests and grasslands that wrap the face of earth in a warm slumber; the countless creatures, big, small or tiny, walking, prancing, crawling, or flying.

Somebody once told me that I don’t need to make all the mistakes, I don’t need to live all the experiences, and yet, I can learn and be better. Each day, I learn a bit more from everyone and everything around me.

It is my turn now to share a part of me with you. All my wanderings and my learning, I share with you. AND LIFE HAPPENED!

Looking for answers amid nature

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Thank you for reading! Let’s keep learning.